We Want Wednesday: Distressed Jeans DIY

So I launched Style By Raina a couple days ago and this morning I got my very 1st question!!  In answering my friends inquiry it dawned on me that some of you might benefit from this information and… We Want Wednesday’s was born. Going forward, send me your questions on Facebook at Style By Raina, Tweet me at https://twitter.com/StylebyRaina #wewantwednesday or post them in the comments below and each week I will select one to answer on the blog.

The Question:

Hey gurrll, wut up?! Hope all is well with you and yours. I look forward to some great things coming out of Style by Raina and to enlist your services. I do have a question or rather free advice you can offer- I have some white jeans that I’d like to get that shredded-ripped look- you know a place or person who could do? I’ve looked for ones that are already ripped in the right places but didn’t like how they looked or fit. I also looked on YouTube at some self-proclaimed gurus in this arena but I ain’t try to F it up & ruin my pantelones. Any advice will surely be appreciated. BTW how’s the backyard oasis coming along?

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