How To Determine Your Body Type


What is your Body Type? Body Types are determined by your underlying geometry, for instance I am considered a Full Hourglass. Due to my fuller bust and wider hips I need to wear fitted but not tight, body skimming silhouettes that create balance without adding volume.

Once you determine your own body type, apply the following principles in selecting looks that will create balance and the most flattering silhouettes for you. Continue reading

We Want Wednesday: Distressed Jeans DIY

So I launched Style By Raina a couple days ago and this morning I got my very 1st question!!  In answering my friends inquiry it dawned on me that some of you might benefit from this information and… We Want Wednesday’s was born. Going forward, send me your questions on Facebook at Style By Raina, Tweet me at #wewantwednesday or post them in the comments below and each week I will select one to answer on the blog.

The Question:

Hey gurrll, wut up?! Hope all is well with you and yours. I look forward to some great things coming out of Style by Raina and to enlist your services. I do have a question or rather free advice you can offer- I have some white jeans that I’d like to get that shredded-ripped look- you know a place or person who could do? I’ve looked for ones that are already ripped in the right places but didn’t like how they looked or fit. I also looked on YouTube at some self-proclaimed gurus in this arena but I ain’t try to F it up & ruin my pantelones. Any advice will surely be appreciated. BTW how’s the backyard oasis coming along?

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Summer is here! How to style Summer 2015 trends in the real world.

I am a professional Hair and Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper. I love accessories and tend toward bold colors, statement jewelry, funky bags and I have a bit of a shoe problem, like seriously I need rehab. I get a lot of “where’d you get that” and styling questions so I finally decided to start a fashion blog. This blog is for anyone who is interested in great deals, unique pieces and a new take on what’s “hot”. The theme of the blog is loving yourself, and feeling your best at any age, size or budget. I love to shop but I am terminally frugal (my husband would say cheap, but I am definitely not cheap). I like nice things, I just refuse to pay retail so a lot of my looks will incorporate a healthy mix of price points, in other words, there will be something for every budget, age and size. Continue reading

The Law of Five: The 5 Categories of a Perfect Grown Up Wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe is a topic so subjective that no one can offer the definitive list, but I have created a system of 5 categories for my styling clients that I’d love to share with you. This is just a guideline, in order to have a complete wardrobe you will need to reduce or expand some categories based on your lifestyle.  Remember, no one can dictate YOUR personal style but this is a resource you can reference when you’re editing your closet, shopping for seasonal pieces or want to update/refresh your look. Continue reading

5 Tips For Caring For Color Treated Hair

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and color your hair. Yay, for you not being afraid of change! Hair color is an awesome way to update or refresh your look whether it’s to cover unwanted gray or create a complete style transformation. Consult with your stylist to create the best course of action to obtain your desired result. Whether you want all over color, ombre, balayage or highlights, remember that there is a safe way to achieve any look, and a licensed hairstylist can help you determine the proper course of action for your hair type.

After you get your hair done, here are some tips for things you can do at home to maintain your new do! Continue reading

Is My Hair Healthy? 5 Ways To Determine the Health of your Hair

How do I know if my hair is “healthy”?  This is a question everyone, including your stylist, may answer differently.  In my opinion, healthy hair is most easily achieved by having a balanced diet and a good maintenance regimen.  There is no specific prescription for healthy hair, but I help my clientele to maintain their beautiful natural, relaxed, weaved, and/ or color treated styles by regularly trimming their ends, educating them about the correct products to use to keep their hair and scalp cleansed, moisturized and free from negative buildup, and having regular consultations to improve their personal knowledge of their own hair type and maintenance requirements.  If you are not sure about your level of hair health, I have devised a few short “tests” that will help you identify any issues and help address them: Continue reading

5 Essential Bras for Every Woman

Much like beautiful architecture, every flawlessly finished outfit starts with a strong foundation, and the proper bra is the cornerstone of that foundation. Unlike underwear, which most have in abundance (albeit in various stages of wearability… period panties anyone) a great fitting bra can be as elusive as a unicorn. Most of us have a drawer full of bras, but closer examination might reveal that although you have a plethora of options, you never grab the ones in the back and you are constantly wearing the same 3-4 bra styles/ types. I recommend that women have at least 7-10 properly fitted bras in their rotation, this allows for 2 weeks of wear with daily swaps and the occasional laundry day lapse. Body heat and other factors like perspiration can cause your bra to stretch so it’s recommended that you alternate daily, this allows the bra to return to it’s normal shape and air out so it’s fresh for the next wear. After wearing twice, launder bras by handwashing or use the delicate cycle and line dry, as excessive dryer temps can break down the delicate fabric.

I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly needed styles here: Continue reading