5 Essential Bras for Every Woman

Much like beautiful architecture, every flawlessly finished outfit starts with a strong foundation, and the proper bra is the cornerstone of that foundation. Unlike underwear, which most have in abundance (albeit in various stages of wearability… period panties anyone) a great fitting bra can be as elusive as a unicorn. Most of us have a drawer full of bras, but closer examination might reveal that although you have a plethora of options, you never grab the ones in the back and you are constantly wearing the same 3-4 bra styles/ types. I recommend that women have at least 7-10 properly fitted bras in their rotation, this allows for 2 weeks of wear with daily swaps and the occasional laundry day lapse. Body heat and other factors like perspiration can cause your bra to stretch so it’s recommended that you alternate daily, this allows the bra to return to it’s normal shape and air out so it’s fresh for the next wear. After wearing twice, launder bras by handwashing or use the delicate cycle and line dry, as excessive dryer temps can break down the delicate fabric.

I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly needed styles here: Continue reading