Summer is here! How to style Summer 2015 trends in the real world.

I am a professional Hair and Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper. I love accessories and tend toward bold colors, statement jewelry, funky bags and I have a bit of a shoe problem, like seriously I need rehab. I get a lot of “where’d you get that” and styling questions so I finally decided to start a fashion blog. This blog is for anyone who is interested in great deals, unique pieces and a new take on what’s “hot”. The theme of the blog is loving yourself, and feeling your best at any age, size or budget. I love to shop but I am terminally frugal (my husband would say cheap, but I am definitely not cheap). I like nice things, I just refuse to pay retail so a lot of my looks will incorporate a healthy mix of price points, in other words, there will be something for every budget, age and size. Continue reading

The Law of Five: The 5 Categories of a Perfect Grown Up Wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe is a topic so subjective that no one can offer the definitive list, but I have created a system of 5 categories for my styling clients that I’d love to share with you. This is just a guideline, in order to have a complete wardrobe you will need to reduce or expand some categories based on your lifestyle.  Remember, no one can dictate YOUR personal style but this is a resource you can reference when you’re editing your closet, shopping for seasonal pieces or want to update/refresh your look. Continue reading